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The scent of real lavender makes me swoon. I fell in love with it when I lived in Paris and was introduced to a handmade sachet brimming with dried lavender from the south of France. So many of our deepest held memories are tied to smell. For me lavender conjures calm, warm, sunny afternoons walking through Parisians parks on my way home from work.

In the years since I repatriated, the business of essential oils has boomed. Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the plant's scent and flavor also called its "essence." I don’t know all the ins and outs of how or why they work, I just know my experience, while limited, has been good.

As an equestrian, I am a nervous nelly. I worry about things that haven’t happened but could at any moment. I’ve had trainers firmly grip my thigh--them on the ground, me in the saddle--and say, “Breathe!”

At a show a few years back, my friend Patience Prine-Carr told me about an essential oil blend she’d helped formulate--Patience Competition Blend--with her friend and fellow Monterrey Peninsula neighbor, Cheryl Beller of Well Scents.

Let me back up and introduce Patience. She’s a nationally recognized FEI rider and trainer. Patience has earned the USDF Bronze, Silver and now Gold medals in Dressage—all on Arabian horses. She has trained and shown her own horses as well as client horses to many Regional and National Championships in Hunter Pleasure, Jumping, English Pleasure, Dressage and Side Saddle. She trains in all disciplines but specializes in the Arabian Sport Horse. Patience has more than 40 National Championships and Reserves in all levels of Dressage from Training Level to Grand Prix, plus her Silver and Gold bars for Musical Freestyle Dressage. She is the only Gold Medal Arabian Trainer on the West Coast. I admire and adore her.

As a quick aside, if you ever get an opportunity to visit her Glynnsong Farms in Moss Landing, California, do it.

Her Patience Competition Blend helps the competitive rider to maintain a calm composure while maintaining the drive, courage, empowerment, and communication to achieve his or her goals. It’s suggested to make this product a regular part of your riding preparation routines and experience the difference yourself. Patience says this product is “What all horsemen and horsewomen need. The calming and concentration effects of essential oils will have you centered and ready to take on the competition."

I really love to use this spray as part of my getting-ready-to-ride routine at home. I find when I’m riding and feel I’m getting stiff I inhale where I’ve sprayed my wrist and I feel calmer and more confident. Whether it’s all in my head or in my nose or somewhere in between, I do get a nice sense of calm, which translates to my horse. Win-win.

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Well Scents aromatherapy products contain only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients and are correctly diluted for safety. Products contain NO synthetic chemicals. Most blends are available as sprays if requested. Custom blends are also available upon request.

In an upcoming Arabian Horse Travel Lifestyle post, I’ll be looking into trying aromatherapy on one of my younger horses.

This blog post was sponsored by Well Scents.