Scottsdale Show 2020 – a little rain must fall

Scottsdale Show 2020 – a little rain must fall

Evidently I jinxed the beautiful, sunshiney Scottsdale weather with my previous Tuesday post, The Sunny 2020 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. Sorry!

Reports from WestWorld is that it’s been heaving down rain since the middle of the night. Horse show people know that rainstorms moving through showgrounds can mean stalls washed clean of their bedding and tack stalls filled with wet, cold everything else.

Accuweather predicts the precipitation won’t move on until later in the day. The last full day of competition. The last weekend usually has record attendance. Come on, Mother Nature, work with us! As we wring ourselves dry, it’s small comfort to say, “At least it’s not sleeting like last year.”

Thanks to Wisconsin-based, Scottsdale-showing Dan McConaughey, owner, trainer, and instructor at McConaughey Training Centre, for permission to share today’s rubber ducky video levity. Like all things related to dealing with horses, it’s the attitude you have when dealing with the situation presented.

May the Arizona sunshine and warm weather find it’s way back to this year’s competitors soon, and may everyone return home safely.

Duck races today!

Posted by Dan McConaughey on Saturday, February 22, 2020