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On the Farm

As I look at the many things that go on in the horse world, I thought it would be fun to take time to share with you what goes on with me personally related to horses we own. Hence, 'on the farm!'

A little history

Shortly after Ian and I bought our first 10-acre farm in rural Minnesota on November 5, 2005, we settled on the name Auld Macdonald Farm Arabians. Ian is British and “Auld” is a play on “Old” and he is the “Macdonald.” And, this play and lyric allow me to explain the spelling of our surname too. It’s M-A-C DONALD like “Old Macdonald Had A Farm, E-I-E-I-O” versus M-c DONALD like the burger joint.

Our first horse was a $100 purchase from a local auction house in Pine City, Minnesota. “Cairo” was a purebred chestnut Arabian gelding that had come from a local training barn. We learned a lot from that purchase, and he charmed us as we fell in love with the breed.

Now, in Cochise County, Arizona

We're now on our third location in the life of the farm; a well-organized four-acre farm in southeastern Arizona. We own US National Halter Champion, Legacys Renoir+, and have done since he was four. One of our proudest moments was in 2010 when Ian showed Renoir to his U.S. National title in Tulsa. In 2018, we purchased the bay 2007 Gazal Al Shaqab son, Caravagio, as an outcross stallion for our breeding program. We look forward to showing him too.



We have added two Few Spot Appaloosa mares to our breeding program and are expecting our first Caravagio-sired Araloosa foal in late April 2022.

We also chose to expand our program to include breedings to the Danish Warmblood Few Spot Knabstrupper stallion, Pax Asgard af Pegasus, and the purebred homozygous black Arabian stallion Darqq with his unique W19 swirls. These two foals are due in May 2022.

Quite the combo

In addition to our on-the-farm lifestyle, Ian and I travel regularly to the national Arabian Horse Association championship shows.

Until it ceased publication in June 2020, I had the privilege of writing articles for the AHA's membership magazine, Arabian Horse Life. It was such a fun cross-section of Arabian horse lovers and disciplines. With my blog, I hope to continue to reach a similar audience of interesting people, with stories of places they've been, the horses they love, topped off with general on-the-road adventures to share too.

I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I enjoy writing them for you.



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