Memoir: “Always Hope” by Hope Ellis Ashburn

Memoir: “Always Hope” by Hope Ellis Ashburn

I just love author Hope Ellis-Ashburn, who I met at the 2019 American Horse Publications annual conference in Albuquerque. Hope and I are both members of this professional organization of people in the equine media industry. As we sat chatting during a conference lunch I found Hope to be genuine, even and I hesitate to use ‘down-to-earth’ but it fits. Hope is also funny with a measure of the self-deprecating manner I find refreshing.

Her latest book, “Always Hope: How Dairy Cows and Arabian Horses Inspired Grit in a Young Girl’s Life,”  is a beautifully, well-told story about her growing up on a farm in southeastern Tennessee, where she and her family still live. It’s a quick read that will grab you at its introduction and carries you laughing, curious, and sometimes tearful through its epilogue about 100 pages later.

Recently, Hope did a Q&A interview with Emma Kersey-Doherty, who blogs for the Arabian Horse Life’s weekly newsletter. Click the link below and give it a read. While you’re there subscribe to the newsletter too and keep up on what’s going on with the Arabian Horse Association.

You can follow Hope on social media too. Some handles are in honor of her chestnut Half-Arabian mare.

Facebook: Red Horse on a Red Hill

Instagram: red_horse_on_a_red_hill

Twitter: @HopeAshburn


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