Meet our three colored Arabian horse colts: Danny, Sky & Charlie

Meet our three colored Arabian horse colts: Danny, Sky & Charlie

On May 15, with Danny’s arrival, the 2022 foaling season was over for us. Danny, more formerly known as AMF PEGASUS DANCER, is sired by Pax Asgard af Pegasus, a handsome, athletic, and Knabstrupper stallion owned by Renee & Allen Tucci of Murder Hollow Farm in Pennsylvania.

The Knabstrupper horse is an ancient Danish breed famed for its Dalmatian-like spots (please note: not all Knabstruppers have spots, but all are marvelously athletic). Danny’s dam is a purebred Arabian mare named Fringe (we call her “Olivia”), who is sired by IXL Noble Express+ and out of an Afire Bey V dam. Danny was her first foal. After some initial ‘what do I do now’ time, Olivia has turned out to be the loveliest helicopter mom.

Danny’s markings are called near leopard. Because of his markings, he may look like an Appaloosa but he is not.

danny janey stall

Our 2013 Legacys Renoir+ daughter, AMF Impressionsita (“Neesa”) delivered her second foal very early on the morning of Cinco de Mayo. This long-awaited colt that we’ve named AMF DARQQ SKY is sired by the purebred Arabian stallion, Darqq, who resides in Mississippi. with his owner Brandi Fulgo.

Darqq carries the W19 gene. I’m no DNA expert, but as I understand it the W19 causes a bald face, extensive leg white, and belly spots. You will see some of these types of white marking on Sky.


Charlie, our first 2022 foal, born March 30, is growing up nicely. More formerly known as AMF CARICATURE, Charlie is sired by our 2007 Arabian stallion, Caravagio. Charlie’s dam is a few spot Appaloosa mare named PA Krystal Spring. For those who follow Auld Macdonald Farm Sport Horses, Charlie is Fred’s younger brother by the same mother. LOL

charlie meets caravagio

Here’s back story as our March Madness Surprise.

Sometime in June, we will learn if we have foals coming in 2023. Stay tuned.