Hello, Charlie! Our 2022 Araloosa foal.

Hello, Charlie! Our 2022 Araloosa foal.

Yesterday, this sweetheart colt was up, dry and nursing when I went outdoors to do morning chores.  I spotted him right away and did a U-turn back to the house to notify my husband, Ian, and our newly arrived house guest, Heather Raulerson. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting him for another week or ten days.

charlie krystal day 1 face2face

Heather, who’s visiting the farm for the fourth time, is a freelance travel writer and photographer. She grabbed her Canon, and these photos are highlights from her myriad captures. You may see more of her work at www.heatherraulersonphotogrpahy.com 

Charlie’s mother is a purebred, few spot Appaloosa mare, PA Krystal Spring. He is her third foal. Our 2019 gelding, AMF Fred Awe Stare, sired by the coal-black Straight Egyptian stallion, WD Shyhyr, was her second. Charlie’s sire is Caravagio, a purebred Arabian. Charlie, like brother Fred, will be registered in both the Half Arabian and Appaloosa registries.

janet charlie day 1

In a month or so, we intend to breed Krystal to our National Champion Arabian stallion, Legacys Renoir+ for her 2023 foal. She has produced very well crossing with Arabians.