Equine Authors

My introduction to this genre was through writers like Marguerite Henry and Walter Farley. Who is writing horse adventures today? Who do you like? 

I’m a proud American Horse Publications (AHP) member, which is the primary source of education, resources, and networking for the equine media community.

In June 2018, I attended my first AHP conference, which was held in Hunt Valley, Maryland. After meeting the book authors  Carly Kade, Heather Wallace, and  Lisa Wysocky, I was inspired to add this category to the blog. 

Jean Abernethy, the creator of  Fergus the Horse, is also an AHP member, and teller of his horse stories. 

Speaking from personal experience, there are also many freelance professionals who write marvelous articles in magazines and online on many different aspects of the horse world.

Below is an article I wrote for 2018's issue 5 of the Arabian Horse Life magazine (the membership publication for the Arabian Horse Association), "Determined Women 'of an Age' Stay in the Saddle."




Tell me who you’re reading. Or what you're writing!

Do you love to read books about horses and their lives with humans? Both nonfiction or fiction? Do you like to tell your friends, family and social media buddies about what you're reading? Arabian Horse Travel is looking for budding writers who would like to try their hand at reviewing the many horse books that are shared with me by authors and publishing companies. In exchange, you'll get a published writing sample of your work as a resume builder posted on this site, on AHT social media, and in the newsletter. Contact me!

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Empire Ranch Cowboy Festival Celebrates 20 Years

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Empire Ranch Cowboy Festival Celebrates 20 Years The Empire Ranch Cowboy Festival held this Saturday and Sunday, November 6 and 7, 2021, in Santa Cruz County is the Empire Ranch Foundation’s annual public event celebrating Arizona’s Western history and culture. The Cowboy Festival also showcases the BLM and the Foundation’s efforts to preserve the Empire…

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