Cheeky Bernie Sanders Meme Valentine’s Day Cards

Cheeky Bernie Sanders Meme Valentine’s Day Cards

You’re a horse lover, of course, you have a sense of humor!

You just never know what will go viral, but Vermont’s US Senator Bernie Sanders bundled in a chair at the Inauguration certainly has. After scrolling and giggling for several days, I collected 100+ 2021 Bernie Mittens Memes in a Facebook photo album. People are quite creative.

In fact, all things social media guru, Anita Kirkbride, of Twirp Communications Inc. in Nova Scotia, Canada, created a Bernie meme for me using a photo of me hugging my son, Richard, good-bye at the Tucson airport (where is my mask?!!). I recommend Anita and all she shares via her Facebook Group for learning how to kick up your social media.

tus bernie mem

The good news is, we’re still two weeks out from Valentine’s Day and you’ve still got time to buy a unique card and send on or give your good-natured giggle. Plus, you’re supporting an Etsy business too.

I visited and searched “Valentine’s Day Bernie.” Of course, don’t limit yourself, there are myriad Valentine’s Day greeting cards to purchase from these small business owners. Search away. Happy shopping!

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