Cavalia Odysseo

Cavalia Odysseo

“Acclaimed by more than three-million spectators in 34 markets across North America over the past seven years, our show Odysseo ended its triumphant tour in Montreal last October [2018] after 13 weeks of sold-out shows,” says Eric Paquette, director of Publicity & Public Relations for Cavalia USA.  He continues, “The next few months will be dedicated to adapting the show for a permanent theater somewhere in North America.”

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Cavalia Odysseo pushes the limits of live entertainment with its more impressive version of its exceptional production that marries the equestrian arts and stage arts at never-before-seen levels. Even more magical, spectacular and grandiose than before, a larger than life theatrical experience will soon mesmerize audiences of all ages in Scottsdale.

My husband took me to Cavalia Odysseo in Minneapolis several years ago, and we were lucky enough to attend the media tour for the 2018 Scottsdale show too. It was amazing. In fact, it’s easy to run out of superlatives when describing the venue, the horses, the talent (both equine and human), and the show itself.

In 2018, Cavalia Odysseo featured more horses — 70 horses of 12 different breeds; and more artists — 50 talented riders, acrobats, dancers, and musicians. The $30-million-dollar breathtaking production has grown considerably in size and scope over the last few years without losing its soul. The stage itself is near twice its original size, enabling larger scale and even more cutting edge performances.

Here are its Arabian horses…

Presented under its massive White Big Top, this colossal production takes your breath away!


In 2018, its Big Top was located about five minutes drive from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport at Red Mountain 202 at N. McClintock Drive.


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