Book review: Desperado: an Arabian Horse Novel

Book Review: Desperado: an Arabian Horse Novel (Wonder Horse Series, Book 3)

Written by Victoria Hardesty and Nancy Perez

Reviewed by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

Desperado: an Arabian Horse Novel is another riveting story by talented co-authors, Victoria Hardesty and Nancy Perez; the third in their Wonder Horse series. In this fascinating saga, you’ll meet a beautiful Arabian horse named Desperado. Not only is he stunningly handsome, but he is blessed with rare intelligence. Whenever he wants to explore the world, he manages to unlock his stall door. His beloved owners, Hilda and Jan, are constantly amazed at his ability to escape.desperado book 3

Desperado adores his equine friend, the famous champion, Prince Ali, whom we met in book one of this series. The two chat about various concerns regularly. One thing that worries Desperado is that Todd, the person he loved best in the world, can’t afford to buy him, even though Todd and Desperado are well-regarded champions. Each championship makes Desperado more valuable. Why does Desperado fret about the future? One reason results from the horrible encounter he had with Henry Babcock, a ruthless, wealthy person who angered owner Hilda. Desperado decided to retaliate on Hilda’s behalf by attacking Mr. Babcock’s car, smashing the windshield, and extensively damaging the rest of the car. Consequently, Mr. Babcock, infuriated, vowed revenge against Desperado.

There are intrigue and mystery in Desperado’s story too. For example, who was the tall man in the dining room? Who was responsible for starting the fire that trapped Todd and his young friends? How did Desperado know about a safe place for them?

Any equine enthusiast will love Desperado. This compelling, action-packed tale will keep you reading to see how each problem is resolved. Even those of you who are not familiar with horses will cheer for the main characters to succeed.

Desperado: an Arabian Horse Novel (Wonder Horse Series, Book 3)

Series: Wonder Horse Book

Paperback: 194 pages

Publisher: Publication Consultants; First edition (July 22, 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1594338183

ISBN-13: 978-1594338182

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