Book review: Barefoot Pastures – Book Two by Lili Mahoney

This is a book review of Lili Mahoney’s Barefoot Pastures, book 2.

Lili Mahony lives in a rural area of Texas Hill Country, where her husband, three kiddos, dogs, and miscellaneous other critters. Once again, Lili has put the emotions and attitudes of a teenager into a well written and captivating story.

Both Barefoot Pastures books 1 & 2 are in the Top 50 — #9 and #17, respectively — of Amazon’s Best Sellers in Teen & Young Adult Equestrian Fiction eBooks!

“Without you, Tory, I don’t see anything worth fighting for.” – Jake

Barefoot Pastures, Book Two in this series of four gives you even more insight into the world of an eighteen-year-old woman navigating through life just trying to find her way back after being torn apart.

In book one Tory Timberman’s world was turned upside down. Taken from her was the one thing that her world revolved around, riding horses. We were introduced to her sidekick and noble steed, Rusty. In book two you get to see how their relationship never faulters but grows. Pushing her in his unique ways with his temperamental attitude, Rusty provides Tory with a steady reminder, horses, and barrel racing is what is in her blood. It’s what she has always meant to be.

And Jake. Oh, Jake. Every woman loves a good old-fashioned cowboy, and every woman loves a man with a little mystery. Jake has it all. He is compassionate, loving, and strong-willed. Dominance is as natural to him as the sun rising and setting. But, with Tory, Jake must learn how to adapt and open himself up to allow her to take some of the control back. In book two, we’re given a closer look into Jakes’s world. We get to live through this budding romance and watch it all evolve into something beautifully strong. We’re along for the ride as Jake and Tory challenge one another, support one another, and fall for one another.

Tory is just as strong in this book as she was in the first, however, in book two, Tory matures, and we start to see her evolve into the strong, capable woman we were all hoping for.

Barefoot Pastures as a whole series is something that needs to be on everyone’s shelves and/or Kindles. Lili Mahoney doesn’t just tell a story that only the T & YA audience can love and enjoy, adults will as well.

Get back in the saddle with Tory, fall in love with Jake and rub your forehead over Rusty’s temperament.

Trust me, you won’t regret it.


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