BOOK REVIEW: Arabian Horses At Play I Could Watch Them Every Day

BOOK REVIEW: "Arabian Horses At Play I Could Watch Them Every Day," by Michelle Laucke

Review by Janet de Acevedo Macdonald, Arabian Horse Travel

This is the sweetest children’s book! Arabian Horses At Play, I Could Watch Them Every Day is a fun read for any horse lover. For readers not familiar with lingo commonly used in Arabian horse circles, author Michelle Laucke provides a handy vocabulary list of definitions with pronunciations that gives another level of insight, and aides us as we read and rhyme. The verses that lend a beat as we turn pages to reveal more beautiful Arabians, makes what we’re learning a complete joy.

A native of America’s Dairyland, Michelle raises Straight Egyptian Arabians on her farm Vudu Magic Arabians in Custer, Wisconsin. This book, her first published work, serves as both a creative outlet and to whet the reader’s appetite to learn more about the Bedouin Arabian.

Arabian Horses At Play, I Could Watch Them Every Day is a wonderful gift for any budding age 5-9 years bookworm. Keep this charmer in mind as a gift for birthdays, bedtime reading, a book report subject, and summertime daydreaming.

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