Memoir: A Riding Life: Memories, Dreams, Art and Love by Shelley Groom Trevor

A Riding Life: Memories, Dreams, Art, and Love — A New Memoir by Shelley Groom  (coauthored by Tobi Lopez Taylor)

Shelley Groom Trevor, a lifelong horsewoman, successfully showed Arabian horses throughout the U.S. and in Canada for her grandfather Ed Tweed’s Brusally Ranch in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Shelley is known today primarily as the rider of the legendary Orzel, the nearly 16-hand chestnut Arabian stallion who won National honors as a racehorse (where he earned the nickname “The Arabian Secretariat”) and as a show horse.

From the late 1960s to the early 1980s, Shelley competed against the best Arabian riders of her time, was taught by the likes of Denny Emerson and Charles DeKunffy, met film director Mike Nichols and Black Stallion author Walter Farley, and even won a cross-country competition against members of the Mexican cavalry.

But as the years passed, Shelley realized the trophies and ribbons she’d amassed held little meaning for her; riding and life, she believes, are actually about the search for balance, rhythm, and love. In this memoir, co-authored with her friend, award-winning writer Tobi Lopez Taylor, she recalls the highs and lows, the gains and losses, of a life devoted to horses.

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About the Coauthor:
Tobi Lopez Taylor, a proud American Horse Publications (AHP) member, is a writer/editor/anthropologist. She is the author of four books, including Orzel: Scottsdale’s Legendary Arabian Stallion, which won a New Mexico–Arizona book award. Her articles have been published by numerous magazines, including Horse Illustrated, Blood-Horse, Dressage Today, and Arabian Finish Line. An article she published last year in Arabian Horse Life, “The Amazing Antez: Grandsire of Mister Ed,” was recently honored with an award from AHP.