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Welcome to Arabian Horse Travel

Hi, I’m Janet. Welcome. Thanks for stopping by Arabian Horse Travel. My idea for this blog is to marry our love of travel and horses by sharing information with you about what there is to do in and around horse show destination cities and events that can make you a savvier traveler — getting the most out of the time, money and effort you put into showing.

Not only will you have a road map to food, fun and what’s to do in the area, but you’ll also have opportunities to share your adventures too.

I’ll be talking with book authors, freelance "equinistas" and photographers to get the regular equine mind-and-eye candy fixes. I plan on sharing what I learn with product reviews too.

This is our lifestyle.  I’m pleased you’ve saddled up and joined me for the ride.  Please follow Arabian Horse Travel on social media and sign up for the newsletter too.

Thank you!

Neesa 11 2015 at ONA

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Memoir: A Riding Life: Memories, Dreams, Art and Love by Shelley Groom Trevor

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Orzel: Scottsdale’s Legendary Arabian Stallion

In 1967, Scottsdale’s longtime Arabian horse breeder Ed Tweed embarked on a mission to race the horses he bred. He imported a chestnut Arabian stallion from Poland named Orzel, or “Eagle” in English, that flew past competitors to become the first U.S. National Racing Champion. Among other wins in halter and performance, Orzel was the…

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