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Janet Odyssa NAWelcome to my blog, Arabian Horse Travel. Like you, I am a lifelong horse lover. Growing up between ‘big city’ Brooklyn, New York, and rural Minnesota, I learned to quickly size up the local culture, how to fit in and stay safe, and what things and which places were fun to do and visit.

Whether my family flew or drove between the East Coast and the Midwest during my childhood, I was a happy, curious traveler. Mom often had her nose in a book, and she saw to it my brothers and I were similarly occupied. I went on various armchair adventures while I inhaled Walter Farley’s The Black Stallion series and other good horse reads, like Marguerite Henry’s King of the Wind. Aren’t the movies you direct in your mind much better than the silver screen? Mine are, although I will give kudos to American film director Carroll Ballard, who brought The Black Stallion to movie theaters in 1979. His version was very close to mine.


The Black Stallion cover  Black Stallion movie with Alec

Long before I could make my way around the world by car, there was my Shetland Pony. Billy not only helped me to expand and explore my world, but he was a good listener who never tired of hearing my dreams or my worries. HeJanet riding Billy 1968 never judged me or betrayed a confidence. Unfortunately, I lost him very unexpectedly. My clever pony knew how to open any gate to eat that greener grass on the other side. One day, he wandered too close to a busy road. Oh, how I loved that pony. Soon after that loss, we moved from the farm to “the City,” and it was decades until I owned a horse again.

Still, I had itchy feet that didn’t want to stay planted. I was fearless in my love of travel, and I seemed to have a knack for it. I like people. I like hearing your stories, and what you’ve learned along the way. I like to share too—whether it’s my own adventures or retelling someone else’s.

I seem to find horses everywhere I go. While I attended university in Western Europe, and then when I lived and worked there as an expat, I always found horses I could admire, nuzzle, and/or ride. Regardless of where I travel, I like to soak up the local customs, greetings, food, bargains, must-see sights, and more—all while learning how to avoid the favorite tourist traps.

Now, I want to share what I learn with you.

In a new place, I gravitate to the familiar—the smell of stall shavings, feed, grooming products, and the horses themselves. I know how to be at a show—no matter where it is—that’s my sweet spot. Here, at Arabian Horse Travel, I write about what else there is to do while you’re there. I also know that sometimes we have people in our lives who love us, but horses and showing, not so much. Here you’ll find information for them, too.

For most of us, traveling with our horses isn’t a full-time gig, and even if it is, you want to be smart about how and where you spend your off-showgrounds time, not to mention your hard-earned money. There’s only so much vacation time; why not make the most of it? Arabian Horse Travel is a community for all of us to share our experiences. As horse people, we do it already. Technology and social media have their advantages.

I’ll also be networking with authors, photographers, trainers, show organizers, and others throughout the horse world to bring you their adventures and insights.

Please sign up for my newsletter and stay connected with Arabian Horse Travel on social media. In addition, please feel free to email me (janet at arabianhorsetravel dot com) with your questions, comments, ideas, and experiences.

Thank you.



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